Tang Soo Do

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Tang Soo Do is an ancient Korean martial art and is the original name of Tae Kwon Do.  It is a form of empty handed combat and self-defense–karate.  Or more specifically, Korean Karate.  A student of Tang So Do is not concerned with sport but with pursuing martial arts as a way of life.  The physical and mental discipline of the art equips it’s practitioners for success in all areas of life.  The tenants of Tang Soo Do are:

Integrity  Concentration • Perseverance Respect & Obedience Self-Control Humility Indomitable Spirit

Belt System

Tang Soo Do uses a six belt system.  Originally there were four belts, each belt represented one of the four seasons.

White Belt – WinterGreen Belt – SpringRed Belt – SummerMidnight-Blue Belt – Fall

Two belts were added, yellow and orange, primarily to encourage young students early in their training.  Because Manor Karate Center also teaches very young children, a couple of transitional belts were added to our system.  The Manor Karate Center Tang Soo Do belt system is as follows:

White Belt Yellow Belt Gold Belt Orange Belt Green BeltRed BeltMidnight-Blue Belt

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