Parkour is the art, discipline and sport of fluidly moving through ones environment, over and through obstacles, with the use of specialized vaults and acrobatics.  Practitioners of the sport are called “traceurs”, a word that like the word “Parkour” comes from its French roots.  Many pk (parkour) practitioners refer to it as a “spartipline” sport/art/discipline.

Manor Karate Center teaches Parkour, better known in America as Freerunning.  Parkour can be divided into two primary types, both of which we teach.

Traditional Parkour

Traditional Parkour focuses on speed and efficiency.  It’s about getting from point “A” to point “B” as quickly as possible.  Traditional Parkour would be ideal for evading and attacker or running from a dog.  It does not use flips and tricks, unless vitally necessary, as such movements are rarely efficient and almost never fast.

Freestyle Parkour

Freestyle Parkour focuses on the artistic aspect of the “spartipline”.  It’s about getting from point “A” to point “B” as creatively as possible, usually by using vaults that include flips, twists and various martial arts tricks.  Freestyle Parkour is all about painting a picture with the art of movement and is ideal for demonstrations but would not likely be efficient enough for avoiding danger, such as running from an attacker.

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